Cryptographic Puzzles

Cryptographic Puzzles If only there was a system I could devise where people could be convinced to invest in nothing.  Maybe I could invent some type of imaginary coin and get friends and family to invest promising the value would then increase.  All I would have to do is write some cryptographic puzzle software to keep a ledger of who has what. The value would skyrocket with all the new investments if enough people were swept up in the new fad.  I can just see the possibilities now – a new currency system that doesn’t require anything but software.  It might become difficult to recordRead More →


Poetry Surf Hover Surfing Technology Now with new hover surf technology for comfortable surfing.       Hover Surfing We have recently replaced the old method of clicking security images to surf member pages with a new method of hover surfing.  Hover surf technology makes it much easier for members to surf the pages of other members.  Regular mouse clicking choosing a changing security image can be hard on the hand and eyes.  Hover surfing requires much less effort and greatly increases comfort.  I was initially content with the old method because my surfing was done using a MacBook Pro.  A MacBook has a convenientRead More →

POETRY SURF FREE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE Poetry Surf Traffic Exchange is specially designed to give all members a greater visibility on the internet and supply a substantial increase in unique traffic from all over the world at absolutely no cost to members. POETRY SURF HISTORY Poetry Surf was previously a site working to make a profit from members much like every other traffic exchange out there. Poetry Surf like other traffic exchanges once offered membership perks for a nominal one time fee or regular subscription. Free members received generous and abundant advertising at no cost. Extra and significant advertising boosts were available at a low priceRead More →